A little about myself
I’m Brooke Carlock, and I’m obsessed with great design. The tiniest of font treatments, the rows of a garden, vintage magazine ads, the tallest mountain path I’ve hiked: All of these things share elements of unparalleled design. The passion I have for seeking and surrounding myself with my favorite design goes right back into what I create, whether it’s graphic or print, a branding campaign, a complete concepting of your vision, or materials for your next event.
I’m an Illinois girl, but I had to get to Arizona’s Collins College for visual communications as soon as I could. Eventually, Texas adopted me, and Southern Methodist University, where I moved up from production to senior designer and project manager over the course of eight years. In fact, that’s where I became focused on how great design partners with great service. Since 2015 I've been forging my own path at Brooke Carlock Design, LLC.
In my spare time, you’ll find me at the local farmer’s market, diving into a new book, or trying a new recipe in my Instant Pot, but I’m still thinking about my craft. It’s in my design.
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